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EPATT Parents are ACTIVE!

EPATT parents are very ACTIVE! This quarter, EPATT parents attended school field trips, visited classrooms, volunteered at school wide events, attended college tours with their children, communicated with teachers via email, and much more!  

 For the New Year, EPATT is challenging parents to become even MORE involved in their children’s education.  Research has shown that parent involvement that focuses on student learning has a greater effect on achievement than more general (passive) forms of involvement*.  

So in 2016 we are encouraging parents to be more focused on doing activities like:

  • Finding out from teachers how to work with your children at home on school material
  • Checking student homework for accuracy, thoroughness, and legibility
  • Talking with your child about college and future
  • Discussing your expectations for student behavior, effort, and learning
  • Communicating with your children and giving them opportunities to have conversations with you
  • Doing activities at home that reinforce what students are learning in school

The EPATT Winter break packets are one way to get involved in helping your children develop or review important skills.  So please don’t just tell your children to do their homework, but do it with them or talk to them about what they are learning or having difficulty with.  

This type of parent involvement will go a long way toward students and families achieving their goal of student success now and in the future! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

-EPATT Staff

 *(Ann T Henderson, Karyn L. Mapp, “A New Wave of Evidence The Impact of School, Family, and Community Connections on Student Achievement,” SEDL Advancing Research, Improving Education, Annual Synthesis (2002).

EPATT Gives Back

In the EPATT Middle & High School Groups students are encouraged to be thankful for what they have and appreciate their blessings by giving to others less fortunate.  This November every MSG and HSG student participated in at least one of the following community service projects:

  • Project Gratitude: Wrote thank you cards and sent leftover Halloween candy to our troops. EPATT’s care packages were sent to Okinawa, Japan to grateful service men and women!
  • Project Rally: Tutored Kindergarten and 1st graders from FairmeaBrandondow and Hoover schools.
  • **Acterra Tree Planting: Planted trees to beautify the campus of East Palo Alto Charter School and helped improve the habitat for native insects, birds, fish and other animals by planting native plants in the Bay Lands of East Palo Alto.
  • Ecumenical Hunger Program: Assisted in sorting, preparing and distributing food to local East Palo Alto residents in need during Thanksgiving.
  • Quarry Turkey 10k/Marathon: Ran 6 miles (10K race) and their registration proceeds were donated to the Alameda Food Bank.

New Staff Spotlight:

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 3.17.48 PMPlease welcome Teresa Fatai to the EPATT team! She is our newest EPATT staffer and fitness coordinator. She brings many years of experience as an athlete playing high school and college basketball and track & field. Teresa is majoring in Kinesiology at the University of La Verne in Southern California. She enjoys family time, being active and learning new things, such as playing tennis! 🙂 

IMG_0412Tatiana Makoni is pretty much the best chili maker ever! She began working at EPATT during the summer teaching Life Skills to MSG. She loved EPATT so much that she stayed 🙂  She works in an administrative and academic capacity helping with all things EPATT: admissions, tutoring, and office support. If you need any help, contact Tatiana directly as she is always happy to help!

Tennis & Fitness Corner! Stay Fit During the Holidays – Play Tennis!

EPATT Tennis:

Fall Tennis was a success.  A big thanks to our volunteer coaches as well as our full-time coaches for providing a positive learning atmosphere.  Our coaches have benefited just as much as the students in terms of developing growth and life skills. For the middle school and high school group, this quarter, we focused on tennis strategy— being on the offense and defense.  For the elementary school group, we focused on rallying with opponent.  For both groups, towards the end of the quarter, we played various sports such as, basketball, soccer, and  football- promoting athleticism.  During kidstennisthe winter quarter we will continue to brush up and polish our tennis skills through teamwork, positivity, and repetition.  Our goal by the end of the year is to have each and everyone of our students understand match play and the importance of teamwork.  

Fitness Corner:

Tips to Stay Fit During the Holidays!

Don’t let the crisp winter air and holiday stress get the best of you!


-Wash your hands frequently to avoid winter colds and flus

-Limit your sugary sodas, snacks, and desserts and incorporate salads, fruits, and vegetables in your diet at least once a day

-Stay active: Layer up and take a walk with the family OR get a quick at home workout.  Do something fun like dancing,  jumping jacks, or playing tag in the yard.

 Food for thought: The average person gains 5-7lbs during winter! So MAINTAIN DON’T GAIN!