Fun Times at the Exploratorium

The ESG students had an amazing time at the Exploratorium on a lovely Saturday in San Francisco!  But don’t take my word for it, let’s see what the students have to say…

 “I experienced that I can drink out of the toilet.  Also, I loved the ghost booth.” – Angel aka Toilet Man

“We launched balls in the air!” – Billy

“I like when we did the drawing with the machine and we got to keep it.”  -Julian

“The chair that spins you. When you start you have to put your face down and when it beeps you have to put your face up and you feel dizzy.”  – Jaretzi




Saturday morning, EPATT middle and high students and some parents kicked off this year’s “EPATT Gives Back!” month of service by volunteering to plant trees with the non-profit organization, Canopy.  Canopy, along with the help of EPA residents and other community members, was able to plant over 60 trees in the University Village neighborhood in East Palo Alto. After the enormous planting effort was complete, participants enjoyed a BBQ courtesy of our friends and volunteers at Canopy. Many ended the day with blister and some not able to move the next day, but lot of fun was had by all.