Senior UPDATE!

Unknown.jpegOnly 767 high school seniors in the entire United States are awarded full four-year scholarships and admission to top colleges through the QuestBridge program and EPATT’s own Jason Asenso is now one of them. How did he do it? Jason earned above a 4.0 GPA and took many challenging courses at Woodside High School. nu-horizontalHe will be attending Northwestern University in Illinois in the fall. Congratulations Jason!
Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 6.25.07 AM.pngJason is actually EPATT’s 2nd recipient of the Questbridge scholarship. Last year’s winner, Adilene Valencia, is enjoying her first year at Williams College in Massachusetts where she is studying French, Japanese, and Korean. She shared that it has been a fun but challenging experience.

This year’s EPATT seniors have already been accepted to:

Stay tuned to the EPATT blog for more college acceptances in March.

Important Articles (Earn 2 Parent Involvement Hours for reading AND responding)

Watch or read the following articles/video and send your thoughts (to Christina, Kesha or Maribel) about how the topic impacts your child.

ESG article: Why do Rich students keep climbing while poor ones are falling farther behind?

MSG article: Is your school hurting or helping your child? 

HSG article: Why is College and Career Readiness so important? 

High School Group Arts & Culture Experience

Members of the HSG group attended Luzia “A Waking Dream of Mexico,” Cirque du Soleil’s newest show. The trip started with a train ride to San Francisco, and a short walk to AT&T Park to where the show was located. All the students were amazed by the show and some even described it as “magical.” EPATT will continue to sponsor future arts and culture outings to provide enriching experiences to our students.

Community Service – EPATT Gives Back 2016!

Here are some highlights from the final five community service events:

– Ecumenical Hunger Program (EHP)


– Save the Bay

– St. Anthony’s Padua Dinning Room

– SF Zoo

– Turkey Runimg_2088-3

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