Getting College and Career Ready

In 2017 EPATT families are focused on making sure our students are College and Career READY (CCR).  As a part of the EPATT Parent Support Network parents are:

•Reading pertinent articles and watching videos

•Practicing good habits that foster reading development at home

•Engaging with other parents about what they have learned

“The information is new to me and very helpful, I am very grateful for all the support you provide to my daughters and my whole family.” – EPATT parent

“Thank you for the help you give us to understand and prepare for the future of our children and to prepare ourselves so that our children have more opportunities to continue to prepare for their future career, like you said it is not the same to have a job and a career. So we need to be ready to help if they have a dream to pursue it and be we support them.” We have to do, thank you.”               – EPATT parent

Overall, EPATT students will have the reading, math, and study skills to make sure that they are ready for life after high school.

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