Please welcome EPATT’s newest staff member, Losaline Fale Kofutu’a!

IMG_9283Fale (fah-lay) is one of nine children born to Tongan parents. She is an East Palo Alto native and proud graduate of: Brentwood, the 49ers Academy and East Palo Alto High School! In high school Fale was involved in sports and extra-curricular activities earning herself a full scholarship to Southern Virginia University. Fale graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts.  After graduation she said goodbye to the East Coast and returned home to East Palo Alto and began working for Ravenswood School District as a teacher’s assistant for at Costano school.

Ms. Kofutu’a decided to take a break from working to serve in the LDS Armenia/Georgia mission for 18 months. Fale volunteered with the MSG summer program last year and is now a hybrid employee, working at both Project Rally as the Site Assistant and at EPATT as the ESG Reading & Math Coordinator and Pinterest Administrator. What she loves most about EPATT is parents’ dedication to their children’s education and future! She enjoys spending time with her family, vacationing in Hawaii and singing karaoke (in that order). Her favorite karaoke song is Pain in My Heart by Otis Redding. She will challenge anyone to a sing-off! Any takers??? 

She serves the youth in her church and community by organizing activities that create opportunities for personal growth/progress, self-reliance and higher education! Fale hopes to become a teacher working with under-resourced students in East Palo Alto. She brings years of experience in youth development and community organization to EPATT and is a change agent who is passionate about her Tongan culture, religion and the future of East Palo Alto! She is an asset to EPATT and we are excited to have her with us!

5 Fun FALE Facts:

#1 – Fale has 4 sisters and 4 brothers…

#2 – Fale is fluent in 3 languages: English, Tongan and Georgian (she’s brushing up on Spanish and German) 

#3 – Fale’s favorite song is Chemi Peria.

#4 – Fale’s favorite food is Khinkali.

#5 – Fale’s favorite Tongan quote is Koe Otua Mo Tonga Ko Hoku Tofia which means God and Tonga is my inheritance. 


Please welcome EPATT’s newest staff member, Losaline Fale Kofutu’a!

IMG_9283Ko Fale koene ongo matu’a koe Tonga. Tupu hake he fanau toko 9 i EPA. Na’e ako i Brentwood, 49ers Academy mo East Palo Alto High School. Ihe high school na’e kau he sipoti moe ngaahi polokalama fakaako. Pea na’e ma’u ai ene sikolasipi kihe Southern Virginia University. Na’e osi mei he ako koeni o ma’u ene matai’i tohi BA ihe Liberal Arts. One foki mai ki EPA o ngaue ihe Ravenswood school district, o hoko koe tokoni fai’ako kihe Costano. Na’ane pehe leva ke ki’i malolo kae alu o ngaue fakafaifekau ihe fonua ko Armenia mo Georgia kihe mahina e 18.

Pea na’e ngaue ta’e totongi kihe MSG ihe polokalama ihe ta’u koosi. Pea koe taimini leva oku ngaue loua ihe Project Rally mo EPATT. Koe ESG fika moe laukonga coordinator moe administrator kihe kautaha ko Pinterest. Koe me’a oku manakoa kiai ae tokotaha koeni koe kau kihe polokalama oku tokoni mo fusi hake ae kaha’u ae fanau mo sio kihe tokanga ae matu’a kihe ako enau fanau. Oku manako pe ke i’ai ha taimi kihe famili o eva ki Hawai’i. Koe fo’i hiva oku manakoa kiai koe, “Pain In My Heart” by Otis Redding. Pea oku manako ke feauhi hiva. Oku kau ae tokotaha koeni kihe potu’ngaue talavou ae siasi. Oku faka’amu pe ke hoko koe fai’ako kihetamaiki ako i EPA. Oke fiefia aupito ae tokotaha koeni mo manako, kihe anga fakatonga, lotu, moe kaha’u a EPA moe fanau!

Oku mau fiefia ke ma’u ha tokotaha peheni ke kau mai kihe polokalama koeni!

Congrats Project Rally!

Photo Mar 14, 6 38 44 PM

On March 14th, Project Rally, an EPATT program for 1st and 2nd graders at Fairmeadow and Hoover schools in Palo Alto, received special acknowledgment at the Palo Alto Unified School District Board Meeting. Superintendent Glenn “Max” McGee recognized EPATT and Project Rally for its effort in working to close the achievement gap and presented Project Rally staff with a Certificate of Achievement.

Fun times at the Health Fair

On March 11th, EPATT, with the support of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, hosted its 3rd Annual Family Health Fair and Festival. Over 150 people attended and participated in various activities that included Zumba, tennis, rowing, a fitness challenge and more. Community organizations provided families with information about their services and programs. There were also raffle prizes that included a Fitbit, a bike, Earthquakes tickets and more.  Here’s a quote from a participating family:

(EPATT) thanks for inviting us over to the Health Fair. We had a great time. Came home with a bag full of goodies, FREE BOOKS, school supplies, YMCA application with financial aid and the big winner …….. Fitbit 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀.  -Niu family